Living Larders

Kintaline is a small 24 acre eco farm in North Argyll (near Oban) on the West coast of Scotland transforming the land creating Living Larders, a legacy for the futureusing permaculture and regenerative agriculture principles :
I am beginning to transform this website too, as life has changed so has how this site will grow.
My aim is to use it to share a little of what I am learning as I care for the land, and develop the living larders
I share also images on Facebook and Instagram

Living Larders aim to create food, fodder, fuel and farmaceuticals.

  • – food for pollinators and predators, insects and birds, mammals and invertebrates all.
  • – food for livestock which is far more nutritious than old rough grazing.
  • – food for the humans .. fruit and nuts, herbs and more
  • – food for heating the stoves as timber is coppiced in the coming years
  • – habitat for all sorts of wildlife
  • – shelter for the livestock and poultry
  • – herbal health for us all
  • – food for the soil as the mychorrizal relationships develop
  • – food for the EYES as it will look amazing
  • – painting our Landscape with plants
  • – food for the soul as they will be such wonderful places to be in
  • – food for the future as a legacy for generations who follow in the present and past footsteps at Kintaline
  • – opportunities for future custodians of this land to make, earn, and sustain themselves with crops of food, timber materials, craft work, for themselves and surplus to sell. 

Currently the land is mostly fallow and feral as personal circumstances restrict activities;
The wonderful self catering home my Mother built here is my main income to support Kintaline. I love welcoming guests as they enjoy our wonderful part of the world here near Oban and Glencoe.

I need help and would love to share Kintaline with interested and like minded people
Volunteers are welcomed to share the space and help to continue the  regenerative work around, to help to learn and implement the permaculture principles, grow and develop opportunities for the future : Pitch and facilities exchange for work around Kintaline – there is plenty to do all year around.
Please Get in touch to find out more.

Sales of the best Henhouses in the UK also supports the farm.

Kintaline Farm is host of the Ardchattan Parish Archive; which is open for visits, just get in touch. It is full of books, records, maps, images, with lots yet to explore and learn. You can also join in with the archive on facebook.