Volunteers at Kintaline : the land and I need your help

I would love to share Kintaline with interested, interesting like minded people, who would like to help me here.

In recent years things have been difficult, and there is plenty of work to continue to regenerate the land, to develop the Living Larders, catch up with lots of maintenance, build resilience and better solutions, as well as creating future opportunities.

There is so much to learn, to understand, to explore and implement the new soil science, the permaculture principles, growing, preserving skills, setting up new logistics, and creating time for a productive life, with time to enjoy the richness of the Living Larders around us.

In 2023 I need independant van lifers to start with as I do not have accommodation yet – I need help to get more help 🙂

I can offer a wonderful place to live, in an area rich with so much to do : culture, water and outdoor sports, heritage, photography, islands, scenery, and so much more.
There is superfast wifi, you are welcome in the house, using the laundry, bathroom, kitchen, etc,
If you would like to grow, harvest and preserve there is plenty of equipment, there is a fully comprehensive library, and space around.

I am very much looking forward to sharing Kintaline with new people, and to taking care of the place with your help if you are looking for a few weeks or months on the West coast of Scotland.