Family History

One of our “other” passions is genealogy .. tracing our family histories back into the midsts of time.
Both of our families have a strong Scottish line, as well as contributions from other parts of the UK.
A basic family tree, that is very much out of date, can be found here
Recently we did our Ancestry DNA tests to add more information from our chromosomal heritage. Our Ancestry family tree is S B Ancestry.

Some of our major family names are : Ambler, Ashworth, Blackbourn, Bowis, Brown, Crossland, Hampson, Hunter, Lister, Lowe, Mair, Maltby, Moss, Palin, Parish, Pulman, Senior, Stewart, Sumner, Tomlinson, Walker, Weir, Yabbicom,

Creating a Living Larder : Food, Fibre & Fuel from a few acres in North Argyll