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Zero Waste : little things make a difference

In aiming for a more zero – waste impact we will have to address many aspects of our life .. some are easy to change, others are more aspirational.

Here is a list of some things we are doing to make our changes. And some of the issues that raise their heads through this journey

  • Growing our own food : we have a farm but were “too busy” to grow our own veggies, so dumb; health issues and age mean that we are finding ways that will be easy to maintain into the years ahead.
  • Embrace permaculture : developing the farm to be self sustaining in food, fuel and fibre.. (and hosting courses to help us and others)
  • Growing our own fuel and that for generations to come. We have a lot of planting to do.
  • Changing our habits : THERE IS NO AWAY ! and Everything Has at least one more use.
  • Making food from scratch – that has been most of our food preparation, but there is still more to do.
  • Make presents or recycle instead of buying more plastic tat for someone else. It is still the same world.
  • Use glass or rubber or silicone instead of plastic.
  • Recycle – our national system is far from perfect, but it is better than nothing, just.
  • Living simply away from cities and towns makes it very easy not to deal with the water bottle, coffee cup, straws, takeaway rubbish. We just don’t ! 🙂
  • Clothes for cleaning, handkies etc – old clothes cut up : so simple, just do not buy anything that is “disposable” .. that is a lie .. there is no where for it to go !
  • Change to eco friendly options for cleaning “chemicals” – for the house, clothes and oneself.

Here is a group to join if you want more inspiration for your way of life.

Zero waste : a better legacy

This new world of plastic processed everything is unsustainable. It is leaving a legacy of waste that many many generations will have to deal with.

Living and working on the land where one treads in the feet of peoples going back to when the Ice Age left us 9,000 years ago, one is conscious of being just temporary custodians of this small area that once was considered important enough to have a neolithic burial cist built on it.

Plastic has no place : it has only become important in the last few decades and it is produced from the most unsustainable raw materials. However we have become dependant on it – its moldablity, its “cleanliness”, its adaptability, its colours ! its durability .. but it will NEVER break down !

so we are trying to find ways to reduce our plastics, to reduce our carbon footprint, to become more self sufficient..

We have a small farm, so are lucky to have the space to create somewhere where we can grow more fuel, more food, build more habitat, find other ways to live that leave a positive legacy here.