Creating Living Larders for now and the future

Kintaline is a small 24 acre eco farm in North Argyll (near Oban) on the West coast of Scotland transforming the land creating Living Larders, a legacy for the futureusing permaculture and regenerative agriculture : Our News updates : Facebook : Instagram

PLEASE Support Kintaline = In the difficult circumstances that the last few years has brought, I am looking at what I can sell to help to pay the bills here at Kintaline, your support is much appreciated.

The manufacture and delivery of Henhouses is continuing with some delays

Please support our small farm, every sale helps : Henhouses   : Domains for Sale : other STUFF !

Living Larders aim to create

  • – food for pollinators and predators, insects and birds, mammals and invertebrates all.
  • – food for livestock which is far more nutritious than old rough grazing.
  • – food for the humans .. fruit and nuts, herbs and more
  • – food for heating the stoves as timber is coppiced in the coming years
  • – habitat for all sorts of wildlife
  • – shelter for the livestock and poultry
  • – herbal health for us all
  • – food for the soil as the mychorrizal relationships develop
  • – food for the EYES as it will look amazing
  • – painting our Landscape with plants
  • – food for the soul as they will be such wonderful places to be in
  • – food for the future as a legacy for generations who follow in the present and past footsteps at Kintaline
  • – opportunities for  and future custodians of this land to make, earn, and sustain themselves with crops of food, timber materials, craft work, for themselves and surplus to sell. 

Learning about permaculture and regenerative agriculture, along side dealing with a variety of personal demands in recent years has lead to exploring new ways of producing food and fuel to address the sustainability of land like Kintaline along side developing the diversity of habitats for the ecology of the farm.
All the work done now will create a legacy to last generations.
There is much to learn about Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture to apply to our small farm and croft holdings.
The soil has to be the focus going forward : this is what will feed us through the pasture, the livestock, the fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs.
Hosting workshops, courses and talks in the coming years will help us all learn together, and help support our progress. 
We all want to reduce the plastic we use, and these reuseable Beeswax wraps are ideal to replace cling film. These are available from the farm here, and from the Made In Argyll shop in Oban.

For more than 3 decades Kintaline Jacob sheep have been kept for fleece and meat; alongside the flock of hens, turkeys, muscovy ducks, guinea fowl, quail. 

jacob lamb in rashesOur Jacob sheep are just beautiful and productive members of Kintaline’s livestock family. They have been selected for the quality of their meat and fleeces for several decades; currently the will be no breeding, but I hopt this will resume in a few years time.

To house your birds, we have been selling our range of hen and duck houses for more than 2 decades : chosen for their great designs for the welfare of the birds, as well as practicality for you. They are all made in the UK; usually to order, and delivered right around the country. These are not cheap flimsy imports, but an affordable long lasting investment for your birds for many many years to come. You are very welcome to call to ask about which design is best for you; we have been helping gardeners and smallholders fit birds into their lives for a long time; and are happy to advise to make your future feathered friends have the best life they can with you.

As we transition the farm to the permaculture processes and production, we are keen to learn more; so aim to be hosting courses here open to others : Herb, Seaweed and Forage walks; Introductions to Permaculture / to Forest Gardening / to Lasagne beds / Permaculture Design; Fibre crafts. We are also delighted to welcome Erica Donnison, Alexander Technique, Tellington TTouch Training and Pose Running teacher who visits several times a year to teach. 

Kintaline Farm is host of the Ardchattan Parish Archive; which is open for visits, just get in touch. It is full of books, records, maps, images, with lots yet to explore and learn. You can also join in with the archive on facebook.


Creating a Living Larder : Food, Fibre & Fuel from a few acres in North Argyll