Conventional fruit farming

This feed conveys the work to bring your fresh UK fruit to the supermarket shelves.

The subsoiling, spraying and fertilizer regime is so depressing, no wonder our soils and farm ecologies are dead.


April Post about lack of spraying or fertilizer in Spring

Expecting to use 6+ foliar fertilizer,  sulfur, copper, rusts, weedkiller, growth regulators, insecticides.

October post about subsoiling, post harvest spraying

In contrast

Youtube Holistic orchard management 

Stefan Sobkowiak on running a profitable regenerative fruit orchard


Regenerative Orchard: Frog Hollow Farm’s Journey to Healthier Soils

Soil Nutrition

When the fruit growing season is upon us and pre-season discussions begin with tree fruit growers across the UK looking at the management of soils and base nutrition. Many are contemplating the conventional ‘chemical approach’ that has been adopted since the mid 1900’s or a more regenerative approach that reduces reliance on traditional chemistries

A regenerative approach introduces organic compounds, bio-stimulants and biological approaches to invigorate soils and rootzones in order to provide a greater level of inherent support to fruit tree growth processes throughout the season, especially during times of stress.

Over the past 50 years there has been an increase in the application of chemical nutrients and active ingredients to woody crops on a global scale, yet there also appears to be a disproportionate increase in unusable soil nutrient levels and abiotic/biotic stress pressure. The current path is now seen by many forward-thinking growers and companies as not sustainable and highlights the desperate need for growers to move to a more holistic, regenerative programme.