Seed / Vegetable Oils

Seed oils

Why seed oils are not as good for you as animal fats, and other directly extracted good healthy fats

As with many products on the supermarket shelf we have been indoctrinated to believe are GOOD FOR US, many seed oils undergo highly chemical dependent extensive refining processes that strip away nutrients and introduce harmful chemicals.

Industrial food systems are pouring money into BigPharmAg from the chemicals used to grow, the seed they control, the fossil fuel dependent factory processes the use, the plastic waste they produce and the drugs they sell to fix the disease they cause.

Seed oils grow inefficiently, require Industrial systems to extract, create toxins, and cause disease.

Animal fats can be bought from the butcher, rendered easily then stored for months.

Save the fat from the meat you cook, especially bacon. Don’t add to the disgusting fat bombs in our drains

Reuse for the next meal, soak up and eat, any other waste use as bird feeders, bury in the garden to feed the soil, 

Bad plant fats

Seeds popular for their oil include cotton seeds, soybeans, corn, sunflower, safflower, canola (modified rapeseed), rice bran, peanut, and grape seed

Margarine is so artificial now, that even flies won’t touch it. It is high calorie, no nutrients, so far from a real food product.

These crops are also highly industrialised in their growing, short lived so very vulnerable to climate change, require ploughing and pesticides that destroy the soils

Good plant fats

Avocado (but issues over industrial growing), olive, coconut, cold pressed linseed, 


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