Sewage – a resource not a waste

In the latter part of 2021 we have increasing reports of raw sewage being allowed to be discharged into water courses, in the name of Covid and Brexit issues.
Once again we chose to make the worst environmental decisions, and those who need to be taking responsibility are being allowed to profit without consequence.

Sewage is a RESOURCE .. “humanure” – a highly valuable resource that we humans, the millions of us, daily evacuate and then treat as WASTE.

There are now many issues with this as a resource that we need to face and resolve. (time of innovation, engineering and opportunity)

  • the heavy metals in our sewage system – so stop using it and replace our humanure collection with alternatives and deal with the heavy metals.
  • Drugs in our systems – the use of the pill for the past 50 years has advanced the welfare of women tremendously, but now threatens our water species.

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