Litha Growing

marsh orchid north meadow

the Sabbat of Midsummer : 21st June – 1st August

the foxgloves glow, buzzing with the bees.
Surrounded by forestry under felling there are acres of foxgloves in the hills.

the orchids begin to enthrall .. here at Kintaline there are scattered orchids of a variety of species in the lawn, so No Mow May is followed by only absolutely essential mow summer. The North Meadow in early July is an absolute spectacle of several acres of Marsh Orchids, amongst the Birds foot trefoil, yarrow, devils bit scabious, soft rush, aspen seedlings. The range of forms, sizes and colours is such a joy.

the willowherb takes over the dominance in our local scenery, another glowing purple.

Along the roads and tracks the meadowsweet blossoms with its heady aroma to collect and infuse for summer throughout the year, below the orange of the ripening Rowan trees.


    • Self heal
    • Clover flowers
    • Pineapple weed
    • Willowherb leaves
    • Raspberries
    • Redcurrants
    • White currants
    • Black currants
    • Gooseberries
    • Jostaberries
    • Blueberries
    • Rhubarb