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Oxford Farming Conference 2024 – conventional
The 2024 Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) report firmly states that the practice of farmers subsidising consumers’ appetite for cheap food cannot continue. After years of ‘permacrisis’ fuelled by Brexit, the Ukrainian conflict, the Covid-19 pandemic and inflation running up to 20%, farming’s confidence and bank balances are at an all-time, unsustainable, low, says the report’s author, Ged Futter

In this preview podcast, ahead of the report launch at OFC24 in January, the conversation centres on the UK food supply chain, the behaviours within it, what needs to change and how that change might happen, with every actor in the chain taking responsibility and playing their part.


The Oxford Farming conference website states
“The Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) is the leading international conference held in the UK for farming and agribusiness. It takes place in January every year located in the historic and inspiring surroundings of Oxford University. The OFC’s mission is to inform, challenge and inspire the 600 plus delegates who attend in-person, plus hundreds who attend online, to resonate and be a force for positive change throughout the industry.”

There are over 5000 attending the 2024 Oxford REAL Farming conference :

Recordings from the ORFC will be here : https://www.youtube.com/@OxfordRealFarming  over 7,000 subscribers (Jan24)

Recordings from the OFC will be here : https://www.youtube.com/@OxfordFarmingConference   over 700 subscribers (Jan24)