Blame and Shame – political finger pointing

Autumn 2022

We lose the shortest tenure UK prime minister.

Everyone is pointing the finger of blame in so many directions : Brexit : Putin : energy crisis :  Covid.

If we, as a country, set a holistic management approach to our government we would have

  • focused hard on innovation for 100% renewable energy, new technology and investing in the logistics and infrastructure to enable 100% resilence for residential and commercial energy use
  • Taught ourselves some stiff lessons on how much we DO NOT NEED – what we DO value and ensure the essentials are met without judgement.
  • Stopped Covid in the UK in its tracks January / February by having the state of the art pandemic preparation fully funded and the public health experts listened to from the very beginning. Then we should have led the way throughout the world to ensure other countries did the same. The pandemic could have been over globally by the end of the summer, without the massive bloated corporate profiteering.
  • Used the Pandemic WAR on Virus footing negative interest rates to negotiate very long term borrowing (WW2 borrowing repaid over 50-70 years) to invest in massive housing, road, rail, hospital infrastructure including repairs of all old empty housing, setting up of vocational apprenticeships and education for real life learning as well as integrated food and environmental measures.
  • Would have embraced and accelerated the establishment of regenerative agriculture methods, logistics and learning to provide the majority of our food resilience – this would require us all to understand how food systems work, to each individually and as communities to be involved in our food production and processing, removing the BigPharmAg vice grip on our food and health.