Composting is making soil .. making soil is one of our most powerful ways to help towards capturing carbon, countering the climate emergency.
As a society we waste 30% of our food, and we landfill millions of tonnes that are lost to us and our biosphere.

Turning as much material that used to be living once, that we have used, and now do not need or cannot reuse, into soil is a powerful positive action.

To help others add to the resources being built here I have signed up to – a global initiative to connect up contributors and collectors and urge you to sign up and join in.

There are a number of ways to compost – will be adding more details for each

  • Crop and Drop – the simplest method by cutting down material and dropping it on the soils, under plants, around trees.
  • Pallet box compost beds
  • Deep litter poultry houses
  • Farm Muck heap
  • Woodchip from local tree surgeons for mulching the copses
  • Biochar
  • Wormeries
  • Hot compost boxes (decommissioned freezers)
  • Poultry composting – this cannot use food from households, and I do not like birds in pens, but could be interesting for a small number of birds to process the weeds, maybe in rotation
  • Composting Toilet – to install
  • Cardboard – we can take lots for mulching the trees in the copses to help keep the weeds down as they develop.