Permaculture Principles – 1 – Observe and Interact

observe and interact permaculture principle

Principle 1: Observe and interact
“By taking the time to engage with nature we can design solutions that suit our particular situation.”

Observation is key to our journey to support our land, its diversity and improve how we go forward.

Sit Spot – one of Ludwigs key lessons in his workshops with us have been to encourage us to chose a daily sit spot and simple BE in our environment each day for a time.

Species records – something I would love to have a better list of is the species of trees and shrubs / the species of insects and invertebrates / the species of perennial herbaceous / the species of birds and mammals and the species of mosses and lichens that we have here, and learn more about each, how we can support them and increase the biodiversity here yet.
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY – If anyone would like to help with any ID work that would be amazing. You would be very welcome to come and add to the identification of what we have, any species, throughout the season.

Observe our land, seeing where the cold spots are in a frost, where the puddles form