Forest Gardening Workshop Weekend 8-9 April 2017

Introduction to Forest Gardening Workshop Weekend
8-9 April 2017     ~  10 – 4 : Kintaline Farm. Benderloch, Argyll

Forest gardening is a clever way to design a beautiful garden with the highest yields possible while requiring very little work. This is achieved by allowing the ecosystem to take care of the fertility, pestcontrol, digging and weeding. The main human tasks are to harvest and enjoy the beauty.

This is possible because forest gardens are designed along the principles of how a natural forest thrives without much human intervention.

Does this sound interesting enough to check it out?

Ludwig Appeltans from Earth Ways, will lead us in to a Forest Garden workshop where we learn how Forest Gardens are and the basics of how to design your own.

This workshop is open to all – whether you have somewhere to work on, or still dreaming of a future project.

At Kintaline we are very much in our very first stages, adapting what is here towards a more productive but low input system that will sustain us as we get older.

The costs will run on a sliding scale to enable and support all who want to join, while respecting the experience and work involved in leading and hosting the workshop.