Regenerative Agriculture

Exploring the ideas of regenerative agriculture to help restore, revive, regenerate our land and our food ecosystems.

Each of us has limitations on what we can do .. my health issues means that running a full mob grazing system as promoted by Alan Savory is simply impractical, but that does not stop us implementing so many other practical processes to improve our land, our soil and above ground biosphere, increase the diversity of our food and our habitats, and initiate long term changes that will provide many future opportunities.

What is Regenerative Agriculture
In the natural world there are many different ecological solutions to any “problem” .. and if RA is to be effective globally it too will have different definitions to different people, places and environments, hopefully they will all have a similar root… repairing, regenerating, reviving, restoring our food ecosystems.. There are those who seem rather driven to “sell” their perspective as the only true way, that is a shame and can be off putting to many.

here are some Definitions and articles to explore
“Regenerative agriculture is the production of a product from the land while improving the health of the resource.” Dr Judi Earl.

Regenerative Agriculture facebook group

Why not all “holistic” enthusiasts are all correct .. we need both, not just grassland .. for ecology, for food, for materials, for carbon, for ecological stability, for diversity .. and articles like this give land owners the excuse to remove more trees, that take decades to establish, and are associated with so much greater benefits.

On Soils
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