Chipping is more than just Mulch

Spent the morning chipping elderberry & alder brash on to young hedgerow planting .. good for them, but so much more :-
– pruning the elder has regenerated it so it will crop better in the coming years, giving us elderflowers and elderberries to make yummy things of and valuable for pollinators and wild birds. 
– our sheep browsed on the brash in the summer raising their nutrition. 
– the larger parts are great kindling
– some will be poles
– the chippings will protect the saplings from competition
– they will also boost the mychorrhizal activity in the soil
– they will directly feed the soil
– kept me warm 
So many benefits from a simple job .. and giving thanks for being able to do this as I recover from Fibromyalgia, being outside regenerating our small patch of land is a big part of that recovery. 
(into Oban in the afternoon with Food Hub sales.. and a good raid around charity shops . .. and a Score of a couple of Jacob Sheep teatowels & some beekeeper journals for homework .. fancy that !)

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