Growing food in the climate emergency

Farming is not the biggest source of concern for carbon pollution but anyone who believes that farming cannot be part of the solution is just being irresponsible .. particularly if they have children.
and not just for the climate ..
We need to rebuild our soil – stopping ploughing, restore soil biosphere, add mychorrisal activity, add perennials,
We need to reduce our dependence and use of fossil fuels and everything that is made from them .. including plastic, chemicals, as well as fuels.
We need to reduce the use of chemicals to rebuild our health and that of our livestock, and ecosystems.
We need to reduce the water needed for growing bulk low nutrition foods
We need to reduce the processing involved in food before the consumer – drying, packaging, cooking,
We need to grow a lot more food within communities – including the urban areas.
We need to add far greater diversity back into our food ecosystems to include perennial crops : greens, fruit, herbs, nuts.
We need to reduce the amount of food we eat .. stop factory processed food .. reduce our gross waste of food .. cut out grains as far as possible.
We need to have better meat, fish, greens, fruit, nuts .. high nutrition means low inputs needed.
Farmers who act as irresponsibily as some post on farming social media groups deserve the contempt so many of the public treat them with..