Balm of Gilead tree

Balsam of Gilead / Balsam Poplar (Populus balsamifera)) slips will also be available in the late winter..  please get in touch to order. 
This is a wonderful fast growing, really leafy tree.
The scent as the buds break mean you really need to have this somewhere you walk by, but also the leaves are gorgeous as they waft in the wind from a distance.
It propagates from suckers, and is wonderfully prolific for tree hay, mulching, chipping, light firewood etc.
Crop from Balsam Poplar 
– leaves and branches for tree hay 
– pollinator / bee tree
– poles 
– light firewood
– make more plants 
– breaking buds for infusion 
– highly aromatic 

It is also renowned for healing properties, especially in the buds, which are harvested just before they open up. 

The buds as they begin to break are reputedly highly potent when infused in oil and made into an ointment. They are wonderfully aromatic, and as they break the bees are highly attracted. 

Balm of Gilead Ointment is known for being:

  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Astringent
  • Helps detoxify
  • Helps heal coughs