Adaprive grazing = reduced pharmaceuticals

Juat think how many empty shelves there would be if all farmers were practising adaptive grazing ?

More money in the farmers pocket, and far less need for fossil fuel dependent BigPharmAg control and factories.

Adaptive grazing breaks the cycle of many internal parasites, regenerative management increases the natural farmaceuticals available to stock, wider range of plants improves rumen health and effective well being, cutting Vulnerability to parasites. 

Adding a wider range of species to farm production, especially poultry, decreases the pest load on the land.

All these drugs kill our native natural, vital, invertebrate life, that in turn, reduce the bird numbers and species diversity. 

More intelligent farming all round.

Closamectin Pour On Cattle Wormer  (I litre approx 10 cows for one dose of 100ml)

The Closamectin Pour On Cattle Wormer is a clear, blue/green, ready-to-use solution containing: Ivermectin 5mg/ml & Closantel (as closantel sodium) 200 mg/ml. Closamectin Pour On Wormer is for the treatment of mixed trematode; fluke and nematode or arthropod infestations due to roundworms, lungworms, eyeworms, warbles, mites and lice of cattle.

Dosage information: Administer at a rate of 10ml per 100kg Withdrawal Information: Cattle – meat: 58 days

Withdrawal notes: Not authorised for cattle producing milk for human consumption including dry period.

Cydectin 0.5% Pour-On Wormer For Cattle (5 litre, 100ml per cow) 

Cydectin 0.5% Pour-on Wormer for Cattle is for the treatment and control of gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworm, warbles, horn flies, mange mites and sucking and biting lice. Cydectin 0.5% is a yellowish, translucent slight viscous solution that contains 5g moxidectin per litre.

Legal Category: POM-VPS Application: Apply along the midline of the back, from the withers to the tail head. Apply to clean, healthy areas of skin. All animals in the same group should be treated. The recommended dosage is 1ml per 10kg bodyweight, which gives 0.5mg moxidectin per kg of bodyweight.