Living Larders : Ponds

We are gradually increasing the number of ponds across the farm. As always there are various reasons for these.

  • To improve drainage in the pastures
  • To increase habitat diversity and increase the fresh water habitat on the farm
  • To provide places for our ducks and wild ducks
  • To reduce the fluke on the farm, a serious parasite for our livestock, hence reducing the necessary treatments to keep them in top condition
  • To provide free water to our livestock, reduce dependency on piped water or water carriers
  • To increase the visual amenity of our farm ecosystem

We would love to put in a really big pond, maybe one we could even swim in during hot summer weather, but that is a huge financial cost.

In the winter we leave big ponds alone when they freeze as ducks can go under the ice and drown. We make sure there is other water available.

Creating a Living Larder : Food, Fibre & Fuel from a few acres in North Argyll