Permaculture Workshop Weekends

After our most successful recent Forest Garden weekend we would like to host more, and Ludwig is willing !!

What would you like, and when ?
Permaculture Workshop Weekends

Mid May – End June 2017
Led by Ludwig Appeltans, Earth-ways
hosted by Kintaline Farm, Benderloch, Argyll PA37 1QS

Ludwig Appeltans, of Earth-Ways, has a variety of courses to share with us.
Please visit to identify the ones you are most interested in, AND THE DATES you can do – (this includes a repeat of the Forest Gardening weekend we have just had for all those who were unable to join us; as well as Sheet Mulching, Soils, Composting, Plant / Weed identification, Intros to Permaculture, to Design, to Community Gardens, as well as a 6 weekend Design Course.
There is also an option for a Herbal Workshop with Clare Holohan, to learn more of our natural species, and then understand more how to convert them into useful concoctions.

Forest gardening is a clever way to design a beautiful garden with the highest yields possible while requiring very little work. This is achieved by allowing the ecosystem to take care of the fertility, pestcontrol, digging and weeding.
The main human tasks are to harvest and enjoy the beauty.
This is possible because forest gardens are designed along the principles of how a natural forest thrives without much human intervention.

Permaculture is more complex involving the three main ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share .. and then there are layers of understanding to learn to reconnect ourselves with our environment, our communities, our productivity, and our sustainability.

PLEASE please feel very free to forward this information to anyone you think might be interested.
The costs will run on a sliding scale to enable and support all who want to join, while respecting the experience and work involved in leading and hosting the workshop.