A wee space to put out the “wanteds” in case folk fall over us .. 

1 .. Cardboard – large sheets / boxes of cardboard are very welcome to mulch our baby trees. 

2 .. Plastic Barrels as long as they have not had anything toxic in them.. want to explore making micro scale silage over the year from small paddock / grazing areas without using the massive amounts of plastic wrapping. If it does not work it will be mulch !! no waste here LOL 

3 .. BEES .. I am not well enough to add caring for bees to our mix but it would be wonderful to be a host if anyone is looking for somewhere to keep bees. There is a growing wide diversity of plant life, from early bulbs through the year. Sheltered safe hive places. 

4 .. “Once living” materials .. very keen to make more composts to feed the soils, pasture and woodland. So anything that was once living and non toxic treatments are welcome – paper shreddings, dirty wool as long as its not been spot on in the previous 6 weeks, horse poo as long as there is no flatworm on the farm, newspapers, paper feed bags, bracken, seaweed, .. ask if you are not sure. 

5 .. “weeds” .. native flowers to underplant the copses with. We have 7 copses of native and fruiting trees planted in the last year, and anything that can be added to increase diversity, pollinators, etc is wonderful. So if you are clearing ground, moving plants and want them to go to a good home, it would be great to add to the farm.