Henhouse product details

Product information details.
Information about the materials used in the houses, and the basic products.
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High Quality softwood construction, using deep rebate shiplap cladding and framing, that is dip treated during build. This ensures that the houses are strong and well protected against the wonderful British weather. Timber breathes, unlike plastic, so provides a suitable habitat for birds, unlike plastic.

The attention to detail is high, timber framing being rounded, joints carefully made, timber well secured, features well fitted for a life times use.

All roofs are clad with commercial corrugated sheet made from bitumen saturated organic fibre. It has the advantages of not creating condensation problems. Unlike felt roofs it does not encourage red mite. Timber roofs will invariably warp, twist and gap so causing problems in a season or two. .

Those units without entrance doors have hinged roofs for easy access and cleaning. These are sheet timber with attached Onduline, hinged at the front of the houses. This allows easy and full access into the house below to inspect / handle the birds or for cleaning out

Units that have entrance doors have Onduline directly fixed to the roof with rafters as required, for perfect natural ventilation and avoidance of red mite. No roofing felt is used anywhere. It really is an abomination in any animal housing, and only benefits the manufacturer.

Roosting bars are fitted as standard to all models.

Access for all livestock is via a pop hole with a sliding door, which are compatible with automatic door openers and mean that they do not get covered in muck, like folding doors.

External Nest boxes are designed to make cleaning out very effective and are covered in a composite plastic roof with a unique hinge mechanism. The houses are not fitted with internal nestboxes which are always awkward and hard to access.

High level ventilation is provided on all units plus additional adjustable vents on larger units.

All units are supplied with a solid plywood floor, to provide ample area for bedding to help dry birds and protect them from sores. For appropriate units there is an option to have a slide out floor – this allows you to clean out more easily. On some units this slide out floor is standard.

25mm square 16 gauge heavy mesh is used on all runs [13mm in some] which gives much greater predator protection and inherent strength to the structure. Chicken wire rots out quickly.

The finished colour of the units is ‘nut’ brown, – this is the only thing you may wish to refresh over the years you have your house if you live in an area like ourselves where the dye in the finsih fades due to sunlight. It helps to preserve the timber longer if you use a wildlife friendly preservative each year.

All fixtures and fittings are galvanised or plated.

All units are sectional and delivered flat packed with screws [bolts] provided for easy assembly. Most screws are already in place. In each panel the fiddly bits are already fitted enabling simple construction.

All Prices include VAT.

NATION-WIDE Delivery throughout the United Kingdom, please allow 4- 6 weeks in your plans, its rarely this long but occasionally demand outstrips the ability to build to the quality demanded and get units delivered around the country safely. We do not export but can deliver to any UK port if you can arrange onward shipping.

Carriage is charged extra (delivery surcharges apply to Scotland and non mainland locations)

All units are made to order which allows some variations on the theme to be included if that helps you and your set up.

Bespoke alterations are possible. If you would like to contact us with your requirements we will aim to assist you in any way possible.
We do not sell plans.