Muscovies 2018

We have had another bumper Muscovy year. Our girls are wonderful mothers, we have to limit who gets to raise youngters. 
This year one lady came off the nest with 20 (yes TWENTY) babies, and she raised all successfully 
We have kept our Muscovies free range for years, the babies start in the byre for their safety, then out in protective custody, before ranging with the rest, with access to ponds, shut in at night.
We have a good selection for sale, will be keeping some, and processing a bunch to add to our freezer for eating over the coming year. 
Feeding ourselves is one of the most important aspects of raising our livestock, sales help us to support our small farm, paying towards all those essential costs. 
It looks like we not only have black and lavender youngsters but possibly 2 white ones too this year . will be keeping them to breed from next year.