Greening Cities

Around the UK We have vast areas of green space in our urban environments but what are they growing and what are they used for?

  • Grass
  • Golf courses
  • Waste land

There is increasing clamour to build on these areas, and to grow trees on quality arable land.

What would happen if we made more intelligent choices and planted all open spaces in our urban and suburban areas with food forests creating complex production ecosystems that provided free food, diverse habitat and changed the whole environment for the better.

Medellin, the second largest city of Colombia illustrates some of the profound benefits of greening cities : reducing the temperature by 2’C , improving mental health well being and seeing species colonise the new habitats 

Greening the city of Medellin on Tiktok

Medellin Colombia City heat BBC FUTURES

ADD PERENNIAL FOODS and the benefits sky rocket. 

Create Food Forests and you get

  • multiple layers of habitat
  • community engagement with food
  • education about nutrition, preserving,
  • food resilience
  • food poverty
  • reduced pollution
  • decreased temperatures
  • carbon capture