In the past there have been regular sightings of hedgehogs around here, but they seem to be very much less common these days.
There is certainly all the habitat they need, with lots of log piles, stacked materials alongside fences, easy access between areas, plenty of food and cover, and, in recent years, no public or dogs causing disturbance.

It would be wonderful to welcome more hedgehogs to share their lives here.

There is a possibility of a wildlife tracking workshops organised by Hogwatch Scotland who have been running some great online events.

these would include setting up Hedgehog tracking tunnel like this described on the Hedgehog street website

The most common type of footprint tunnel is a black plastic triangle with a plastic insert.
Pieces of A4 paper are attached to either end of the insert and ink is painted on either side of a bowl of bait.
The hedgehogs come in to feed and then leave a trail of footprints as they leave.