Argyll house with covered run

The best houses, designed for the birds, in quality materials, built in the UK, perfect for your garden and smallholding flocks of hens, ducks, turkeys, quail, rabbits for 2023
Poultry Houses : The Argyll: 2 sizes of house and covered for all kinds of poultry, waterfowl, especially raising young birds

The Argyll house with integral covered run – in two sizes.
A great setup for all birds, especially the larger breeds and species, for aviary birds such as quail, and a Perfect unit for raising chicks and table growers
The Argyll Junior
310 cm long x 107 wide [excl. nest boxes] x 160 cm high
[122″long x 42″wide x 63″high]
Run area, 193 cm long x 107 cm wide [76″long x 42″wide]
PRICE £1235.00   Carriage £90.00 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)

Transport wheels fitted as standard
includes Nest boxes on both sides divided into 3 ample sized sections.
A perfect house for all sorts of birds and ideal for use as a table bird grower unit.
A great house for around 6 medium chickens – maybe 12 – 20 growers – and up to 24 quail.

The Argyll Major
365 cm long x 183 cm wide [ excl. nest boxes ] x 175 cm High
[144″long x 72″ x 69″ high ]
Run area, 249 cm long x 183 cm wide. [98″long x 72″ wide]
PRICE £1585.00   Carriage £98.00 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)

Transport wheels fitted as standard
For up to 12 medium sized chickens and its equivalent.
External nesting boxes are fitted to both sides of the house divided into 4 ample sections.
And there are two slide out floor sections.

The Argyll is a clever adaptation of the Grosvenor house but with full height from the floor – it is perfect for the larger breeds like Brahma’s, Orpington’s, Cochin’s.
It provides the soft feathered birds with welcomed protection from the vagaries of the British climate. All birds appreciate somewhere to sulk in days of rain, snow and wind, and in some parts the summer sun. The full height door at the end of the run means they can please themselves as the seasons change in a day.

As a unit for raising young birds it is faultless : easy to clean with full slide out floors, protected run with weather panel means the young birds can get out sooner. rear of Argyll showing door to coop and droppings board
The covered run makes this house ideal for raising youngsters in from the time they can live outside.
We have set a Major up to accomodate a heat lamp and started chicks from day old, with great success. They will gain so much more protection from the elements yet all the advantages of being on clean grazing and in the fresh air.
In the increasingly unpredictable climate of the UK the unit is a god send. Easily cleanable space, sheltered outdoor space and protection from unexpected showers and wind. What more could you want for growing birds?
Cover the ground in the run with permeable ground cover material and fill with coarse deep bark and it can remain in position for months providing plenty of entertainment for the birds.
It has wheels as standard so it can be moved around a paddock to fresh grazing.
An aviary type house and run unit with personnel access door on the end of the run. It is absolutely perfect for all sizes, breeds and species of poultry.
A larger pop-hole door can be made for housing geese and turkeys.
Ideal For growing domestic batches of table birds, for starting your free range turkeys and ducks, and also for keeping quail.
Its also been a great success for cats, especially breeding queens and toms, a little imagination goes a long way in improving the environment with branches, and levels and such. And it’s just as good as a back garden kennel.
Transport wheels are a standard feature for ease of moving, if you need to.
The full slide out floor, for easy cleaning, is fitted as standard.
The run has wind protection on two sides as well as a full-length roof.

The photograph above illustrates the droppings board, the spacious interior with lots of head height for those large breeds of chickens who so often are compromised by the ventilation being too low. Also shown are the wheels which are included to facilitate mobility and the extra large access door.
A super house for all birds.
Constructed with 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding on 38mm square framing. Dip treated in wood preserver that gives a mid brown finish.
The wire mesh used is 25mm square weldmesh, 16 guage ( 1.60mm thick )
All fixings and hardware are zinc plated.
Automatic door openers work with each model.
All prices include VAT
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