Windsor : stylish raised chicken house

The best houses, designed for the birds, in quality materials, built in the UK, perfect for your garden and smallholding flocks of hens, ducks, turkeys, quail, rabbits in 2023
Poultry Houses : Windsor raised chicken house 
The Windsor is a perfectly designed coop for keeping chickens in the garden or smallholding
This henhouse has many special features, all included as standard :- the protected feed point beneath, slide out floor which is covered in a composite plastic for extra easy cleaning, protection from the elements, and a very stylish look for any contemporary garden.

The nestbox area lids are black composite plastic lid which gives far better and longer lasting weather protection. They also look smarter !
This is the model of house that the wonderful HenPower project have chosen – a unique initiative to combat loneliness.
PRICE £614
  Carriage £54 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
This unit is suitable for up to 6 medium sized birds
81 cm long x 94 cm wide (excluding nest box) x 137 cm high. (32″long x 35″wide x 54″ high)
Height under house, 46 cm [ 18″ ]
PRICE £770
  Carriage £62 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
This unit is suitable for up to 12 medium birds;
114 cm long x 107 cm wide (excluding nest box) x 137 cm high. [45″long x 42″wide x 54″high]
Height under house, 46 cm [ 18″ ]
PRICE £1059
  Carriage £75 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
This unit is suitable for up to 20 medium birds;
114 cm long x 183 cm wide (excluding nest boxes) x 165 cm high [45″long x 72″wide x 65″high]
Height under house 46cm [ 18″ ]

This picture shows the rear of the house with the door open and the lower panel halfway round. This clever feature is what you can attach the feeder to, and return in to place beneath the house, providing the birds with a protected dry area to eat under the living quarters.
The weather panel, that is fitted as standard, is shown beneath the nestbox [it could be fitted on the other side if that was where the prevailing wind was coming from. On both sides, beneath the house, there is weldmesh netting.
The weather protected feed point means that the birds do not have to go up to the house to feed during the day. Food should never be left outside. In this country’s fickle climate this also gives some shelter for your birds.
A Galvanised feeder can be fixed to the panel beneath the house which rotates inside out on a swivel. This allows you to simply fill the feeder and return it to its secured position beneath the house. The birds access the feed from the front. To provide shelter under the house from the prevailing winds there is one removable side weather panel which can be fitted to either side.
In very exposed places you may decide you need both sides covered. A second side panel is available as an option.

Additional weather panel : £18

This is a house for chickens only, not ducks, so is supplied with an external nesting box as standard. All the family will love lifting the lid to collect the days eggs.
Rabbits and guinea pigs also love this house.
Also included are the slide out floor which removes completely for easy cleaning and roosting bars.
Pop hole access is provided with a drop down cover and ramp.
It is very easy to access the birds – there is a door in the back of the house.
This chicken house stands raised from the ground so providing a great sheltered area for birds, instead of just going up into their house.
However this does mean that the house is not suitable for the largest breeds of chickens, as there is less head room in for them, they are happier in the likes of the Westford.
If you want a run – please look at the GROSVENOR which is the identical house with an integral run.

If you live in an area of the country which tends to be wet and windy then you may consider a covered run which gives the birds more space to be during long days, or even weeks, of grotty weather. For those of you lucky enough to live somewhere that gets hit by heatwaves, the covered area is a welcome shade.
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