Grosvenor Raised house and run

The best houses, designed for the birds, in quality materials, built in the UK, perfect for your garden and smallholding flocks of hens, ducks, turkeys, quail, rabbits in 2023
Poultry Houses : Grosvenor raised house and run
The updates of the design in recent years, which include integrated raised wheels, have proven very popular.

2016 grosvenor poultry coop

The Grosvenor stills includes all previous unique features : raised house, integral run, slide out floor, nestboxes, end release, corrugated roof, great ventilation, sheltered feeding point.

Ideal hen house for the garden; stylish and practical.
More useable space for the birds than most arks.
Perfect for bantams and for medium sized breeds of large fowl.

  • Grosvenor Major

The house section is raised to allow poultry access to the area below. This gives shelter from the rain and the heat, as well as a unique dry feeding station accessed with a rotating panel at the rear.
This house is great for small and medium sized birds, raised houses are NOT suitable for the big breeds, as they will be too confined and will not appreciate having to use a ramp. So this is not suitable for the Orpingtons, Cochins, Brahmas, and the larger strains of table breeds. 

PRICE $860
  Carriage £66 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
This unit is suitable for up to 6 birds and is easily carried by two people.
Specifications: House area 37″ x 32″ – overall height 52″ with the run being a further 60″ beyond house

PRICE £1055
  Carriage £72 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
This unit is suitable for up to 12 birds
Specifications: House area 42″ x 46″ – overall height is 54″; Run area is a further 72″ beyond house
Although not essential many people have come back to get the wheels for this model as they do make life a lot easier if you intend moving it about the garden.

PRICE £1370
  Carriage £84 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
This unit is suitable for up to 24 birds and can be moved by one strong person or two easily with the wheels. It is fitted with 2 external external nest box areas, each subdivided into sections – one on each side.
Sizes: House area 70″ x 46″ – overall height is 65″; Run area is a further 72″ beyond house

Additional weather panel £25

Wire base for Rabbits and Guinea pigs – not advisable for chickens and ducks.
Junior: £52
Standard : £58
Major : £75

At the base of the rear of the house is a swivel panel. (see image above) This allows you to fit an Galvanised feeder which can be filled by rotating the panel out, and then returned to its position under the house, so protecting it from the weather and giving the birds free access all day without taking up space inside the house or being available to wild birds or rodents.

One removable side panel for below the house comes as standard and a second side one is an optional extra. You can position the panel on either side of the house. This is not often required but useful if you are in very exposed conditions or the birds are likely to be terrorized by little dogs etc.

The roof is corrugated Onduline. This provides a great flow of ventilation, which so few designs provide and which is so essential for good respiratory health. Plastic houses often get too hot and have poor air movement.

The whole of the floor slides out for easy cleaning and is fitted as standard for all sizes of this model.

The external laying box and roosting / perching bars are also fitted as standard, as are the carrying handles.
Pop hole access to the run is provided with a drop down cover and ramp to the run area.
The run is constructed with 25mm square 16 gauge heavy mesh to protect against predators and to provide a long lifespan. It has a removable top for access. If you need to provide a larger sheltered area to your birds, which they will appreciate, it is a simple matter to cover this.
To let your birds range beyond the house in contained areas you can look at the Run panels to make large but protected areas.

Or look at the Covered Run here to extend the protected area beyond the run

Many people have also used this house for rabbits
a great fun rabbit hutch with plenty of space and more entertainment than most.

If you like this style but would prefer it without the integral run please take a look at the Windsor

 Constructed with 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding on 38mm square framing. Dip treated in wood preserver that gives a mid brown finish.
The wire mesh used is 25mm square weldmesh, 16 guage ( 1.60mm thick )
All fixings and hardware are zinc plated.
Automatic door openers work with each model.
All prices include VAT
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