Regenerative Agriculture / Permaculture links

the start of Youtube collections, not in order ! nor are they complete, will be adding more always. 

Mealworms Youtubes
Tree hay youtubes
Bees Youtubes
Food Forest Youtubes 
No Dig Youtubes
Rewilding Youtubes
McMaster faecal test Youtubes
Alternative fibre Youtubes – nettle, flax
Old Skills you tubes
Scything youtubes
Trees and Wood youtubes
Fruit veggies herbs youtubes
Butchery Youtubes
Bacon sausages hams youtubes

Rebecca Hosking vimeo – A farm for the future 
Rebecca Hosking Village Farm

Bealtaine Cottage on YouTube.

Local Mob Grazing farm (An Sailean, Lismore)     : Winter : Spring :  Summer
article on Knepp Castle Estate   extensive regenerative agriculture 
Knepp Castle Estate 
Fodder browse article
Mob Grazing Scotland  –  MGS first meetingMGS on Facebook  
Youtubes : MGS meeting  : Tall Grass Grazing :  
Innovative Farmers page 

Other facebook pages : Regenerative grazing groupHolistic management in UKOld Time Farming and Poultry – 

Permaculture Zaytuna videos 

Robert Hart Forest Garden 

Nature Friendly Farming Network,
Soil Association,
Landworkers’ Alliance,
Pasture for Life
ORFC – Oxford Real Farming Conference

Guilds workshop Prezi Toby Hemmingway

Literature – [Amazon book links]
Essence of Permaculture A summary of permaculture concept and principles taken from Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability by David Holmgren.

Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles Poster   Copyright

Permacuture Flower poster