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Blue Face Leicester x Jacob fleece : KMF1811

Blue face Leiciester x Jacob Sheep fleece.  (21/KMF1811)
This cross creates even softer, more curly fleeces, and our girls are now 8 years old, with their fleeces getting paler with time. Gorgeous honey tones on the tips to the very darkest inside. So much fun to hand spin or felt. 
Weight 2.1 kg     Price £20.10 plus postage and packing 

Pure Jacob Sheep Fleece : KMF1810

Fleeces : Pure Breed Jacob Sheep fleece : (um/KMF1810)
Large fleece with lovely textures, gorgeous colours, 
This fleeces shows the wee bit of dust that the fleeces picked up because it rained in the few days before shearing, this will wash out very easily.
Weight 1.92 kg  Price £19.20 plus postage and packing

Fresh Mutton from the End of February

We are sending some of our Jacob boys away to Mull in a months time, where they will hang for at least 10 days before being expertly butchered and coming home around the end of February.

They were all born here, and raised with us for the last 30 months. 

There will be some joints, but also lots of chops and the best of all is the mince. It makes fantastic pasta sauces, the best shepherds pies and yummiest chilli. The diced mutton lifts stews to new heights, perfect for our winter weather and makes amazing pies. 

We will be freezing plenty so there will be supplies in coming months too. 

If you are interested in pre – ordering to get it fresh as it arrives please get in touch.