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Land to water pollution

How many ways can we destroy our water supplies – rivers and sea ?

With the increasing numbers of people, increasingly volatile weather, and dependence on so many chemical inputs in our life, we have chosen to allow massive amounts of pollution into our water.

Looking at changing from a linear economy where the focus is on greed, on more more more, that creates more waste, dependent on fossil fuels and then more waste.. we can take big steps to change this
It will not be simple .. we are coming into an era of massive need for innovation, enginneering, opportunities to do things differently.

How do we address each of these threats

  • Fertilisers, pesticides and other land use chemicals
  • Soil erosion and run off
  • Raw sewage effluent
  • Industrial plant effluent
  • Nuclear plant effluent.

The Sphinx .. packed ice sheet remnant

Scotland’s most famous snow patch is now smaller than an A4 sheet of paper according to experts and could be gone in 48 hours if the mild weather holds.

Against all the odds, the snow patch – which is known as the Sphinx – has clung on “by its fingertips” after it was expected to disappear earlier in the month.
The presence of the Sphinx dates back hundreds of years but two weeks ago mountaineers began warning that it was unlikely to survive the week.

If it melts, it will be the third time in five years this has occurred. Prior to that, it has only disappeared five times in the last 300 years.

Snow patch expert Iain Cameron has been closely following the Sphinx’s chilling final days.

He believes it will likely melt in the next 48 hours thanks to the wet and mild conditions at Braeriach, the UK’s third-highest mountain where the Sphinx is located.



Scotland’s most famous patch of snow clings on – but will it survive until COP26?