Arable food growing : Lentils, wheat, rice, corn

There is a growing noise about how bad meat production is, and how we should all be vegan / vegetarian.
Yet it is easy to see how wrong this is – and how [[[regenerative agriculture]]] supports our soil biosphere, as well as being carbon sequestering, and building our food ecosystems.
Grains / Pulses etc are also increasingly associated with our serious dis-ease through our society : obesity, diabetes, ME, ADD, MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus etc..
Our arable soils are now so grossly depleted that they will not grow without massive inputs, but these do not add the essential micro-nutrient into our foods, and our bodies craving the missing nutrition means we now eat more and more .. with consequent health issues that ensure.
Why Grains production is so damaging is easy to see when you take a look at a few agronomy links .. here is just one :-
Mainstream Lentil production require
– land to be treated with weed and insect killers pre sowing
– land to be ploughed several times – destroying the soil biosphere.
– fertilizers, lime and other agro chemicals used before sowing
to be grown in rotation with other grains
– seed chemically treated before sowing
– herbicides,insecticides, fungicides through growing.
– irrigation through growing and cleaning
– All these processes along with harvesting, threshing, drying are all fossil fuel greedy
– then there is the packaging, shipping, repackaging, processing