Feeding poultry without grains

Light sussex breeding chickens

A challenge for the coming years is finding ways to effectively produce feed for poultry that cuts out the use of grains.. especially imported grains. 
With a variety of species to feed and wanting better nutrition for them and us, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the whole food cycle of the farm, any useful passive & energy effective ways to produce it are being researched and investigated. 

So far its identifying ingredients, that can be produced on farm (in Argyll climate!!), and then in sufficient quantities.
It may be impossible but as an exercise in exploring ideas, production and nutrition it will be very worthwhile.

Aim :
Ration that is at least 16% protein.

Possible ingredients
Mealworms : 20% protein, require daily attention, warmth, feed live ir dry and grind ?

Azolla : waterweed : cultivating on ponds, (protecting from ducks!) harvesting, drying (polytunnels?), grinding up, storing
This is a native water plant, that could really be useful : high in protein, minerals, nitrogen fixer, palatable to a variety of species, and grows well on ponds .. we have some and digging more . 

Seaweed: harvesting from CLEAN shorelines, drying, grinding up, storing,

Compost / hen piles- often promoted by Permaculture gurus, but I don’t like birds confined,  its illegal to feed kitchen waste to birds in thr UK, and my birds need better than just being an intensive cog in the production wheel. Still lots to explore in how to integrate non food composting, with the birds.

Rockdust .. Micronutrients


Docken seeds



Grass and alfalfa nuts .. will these soak, or getting a powder maybe ? 

Crops – we cannot grow lucerne .. at least it is unlikely but maybe try some to see .. We do not want to be feeding grains if possible for personal health needs. 

Alternative bagged feeds : Flaked peas – but how much glyphosate ? 

…. much more to add…

Chickens generally eat 120gr layer pellets a day :
16% protein
How do we replace this