About Kintaline

kintaline farm in 1991 derelict barn
Kintaline, a 24 acre, small farm on the shores of the West Coast of Scotland, became home nearly 30 years ago, having been living in Oban for some years. The farm was pretty well derelict, and it has been a lot of hard labour to bring the land and buildings back to life. The work continues to this day, constantly striving to be good custodians of this land while it is in my care.
Over the years there have been a number of business, horticultural, livestock and people activities : Growing fruit and vegetables; breeding goats for milk; Jacob sheep for fleece, meat and stock; Utility poultry and waterfowl; ran a farm and craft shop; a farm park attraction; a plant nursery and garden centre; hosted lots of vet students and working holiday makers; sold hen houses, electric fencing, poultry books, gifts and equipment; had a feedstore and farm gate sales from the farm; taken the farm marketing on the road at shows and events.

And now Kintaline moves into a new phase.
Over the years the practical, stockmanship, horticultural and scientific skills have been so useful in different ways.  Many trials have, and continue, to make life interesting, it’s a stunningly beautiful and fascinating part of the world, but it can also be hard sometimes. 
In 2020 the Kintaline House self catering business opened, definitely not the best year to begin but it was such a privilege to host such delightful guests after Covid lockdown. Taking care of Kintaline House guests will be the business priority in coming years, and the income will support the regenerative care of the 24 acres of Kintaline.
As family, age and health pressures make themselves felt, life has had to be become simpler around the farm. Learning more about permaculture and regenerative farming every day has changed perspectives and priorities. The challenges of the last decades means there is much to do and time needed to do it, with the limited capacity.
If there are any volunteers who would like to join me at Kintaline to learn about the plants, animals, principles and help care for the land, you will be most welcome.
Over the past years a great deal of experience has been gathered, and like those from whom we learn, I am happy to share.
There are many beautiful concepts to build on so much experience, learning and put into place. There are new opportunities to create once some of the essentials are taken care of again.