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Campaign for local abattoirs

Across the country we need more local abattoirs AND more local butchery and storage facilities.. its not enough to be able to kill, we need facilities to hang for the best amount of time, and butchery to then make the best of the meat we have produced, for feeding ourselves, or selling to our local community.

https://www.localabattoirs.com/ :  Local, traceable meat is only possible with smaller local abattoirs
No smaller, local abattoirs means no local, traceable meat
The UK’s vital network of smaller local abattoirs is an essential part of the infrastructure for the supply of local meat. Farmers, butchers and caterers all rely on them.
We must ensure their continued viability
Our Purpose
The purpose of the Campaign For Local Abattoirs is to help ensure a sustainable future for a UK-wide network of smaller local abattoirs, through lobbying the UK governments to take urgent action, and by working with the industry and governments to find longer-term solutions to the problems facing the sector, including enabling the establishment of mobile abattoirs for on-farm slaughter. Report from 2018 http://sustainablefoodtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Re-localising-farm-animal-slaughter.pdf