One of our Soil improving ingredients we are using on the farm is Remin Volcanic Rockdust.
We are a sandy loam soil, in a high rainfall area. Over the past 3 decades here we have had a lot of poultry over the ground,and they have done good things to improve much of our pasture in many ways.
Jill’s health collapse some years ago really raised awareness of food as a medicine, and the importance of it being full of nutrition, but her fibromyalgia meant that growing our own veggies was out of reach. But the forced “stop” to much of our busyness did allow new studying and awareness of permaculture and regenerative farming.
Improving our soil ecosystem is a paramount priority in developing our Living Larders across the farm; sandy soils in wet areas tend to be very depleted in essential micronutrients; long term illnesses are also associated with depleted body resources.
We are now doing an assortment of different things to build the fertility, diversity and quality of our soils.
Remin Volcanic Rockdust gives us 42 micronutrients to feed the organisms in our soil, that plants can access directly and the complementary organisms will convert for more supplies.
Our veggie pallet beds, lasagna beds, fruit guilds, and emerging food forest are all being treated.. and slowly even across our fields, so the grazing is fed, and thence our livestock get even more goodness to pass on in their produce.
We are also an agent for Remin – you can come and buy 20kg bags from us, or order pallets of rockdust to be delivered directly to your door.
Remin is perfect for boosting your food nutrition, treating tired soil and giving the soil ecosystem better resources as a long term legacy.