Perennial Kale Cuttings

Daubentons kale cuttings for sale
Daubentons Kale perennial nutritious food : all year around healthy nutrition packed delicious greens .. such an easy plant to care for.

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Spring 2020 

I have a few Daubentons Perennial Kale Cuttings for sale.
These will be freshly taken and prepared, wrapped in moist moss, bagged and posted to you early in the week.
Unwrap immediately on receipt and plant as deep as possible into a pot of compost, and water well, a good 2/3 in the soil is best.

Our Daubentons Perennial kale, once established, has provided us with plenty of great kale all year around for years.
It is tasty and wonderfully nutritious.

Each cutting is £2.25 plus postage (or collect from the farm)

Daubentons kale cuttings for sale
Daubentons Kale cuttings – pop them into moist compost, with a little care they will root in a few months to grow on to the most delicious perennnial kale plants.