Mapping species

after too many years I have finally found something that allows me to map species I see here, recognises passing phone photos, and has a wonderful community of experts who help to identify what things are.

I am looking forward to adding to this resource day by day .. as it is July and good weather it is dominated by moths just now .. but will be so much else as well.

check out the species list here  – and if you are in the area and would like to join in with surveying, photographing, mapping any species from the micro to the macro you would be very very welcome

GIN !!

when you cannot have sugar it makes it tough to preserve fruits in delicious ways to enjoy the rest of the year.

Gin is low carb, yipppeee .. and it infuses beautifully taking up the flavours of aromatics like elderflower, and fruits like gooseberries, plums, strawberries. 

These flavoured gins are perfect with a sparkling water, needing no further flavouring. (the wonderful tonics are all high sugar!)

GP’s to prescribe fruit ?

There are increasing news pieces on TV, radio, newspaper and online about how we need to change how we eat for climate change.

Mostly this is an erroneous drive to cut down red meat, without any single iota of understanding of the different parts of red meat production.

Anyway – todays twist, along with a sugar and salt tax, is to suggest that GPs prescribe fruit that will be handed out to certain patients.
report on Englands food strategy –

This is not a new idea

2003 –

Tuesday, 18 February, 2003, 19:55 GMT

Doctors prescribe fruit and vegetables

Patients will be given tokens to buy fruit and veg
Doctors in north Staffordshire will soon be able to prescribe fruit and vegetables.

INSTEAD – why not GROW MORE FRUIT .. in every community : city, urban, rural ..

  • take cuttings
  • grow on
  • plant plant plant plant
  • tend together
  • crop and enjoy !
  • and limit the amount of cordial, jam, etc made which is 90% sugar again !!!

British products from Fleece

There are a great deal of angst about the “waste” of the wool produced by the 22,000 tonnes in the UK that currently has no market in China.

There is so much more we could be doing with this
However most of our fleeces are not high enough quality for many of the finer uses – we need to be selecting for far better fleece

Simple composting ..

on farm composting .. Audrey Literrick

Dalesfoot compost

Pillows – Uan Wool


Fibre yarn – especially our rare breed fleeces.

  • Caithness yarn
  • Ardalanish yarn


Felting  – craft and commercial

Spinning and weaving –

Industrial spinners

Industrial sheepskin processing



Keeping sheep for fleece

Keeping sheep for fleece is a different way to raise sheep

Good fleece sheep breeding and husbandry will work well with regenerative grazing management, that will bring about better soils and food producing habitat.

Fleece sheep have to be selected for the quality of the fibre, that takes plenty of investment but it is well worth the effort

Management of the sheep for fleece means concentrating on the stock well being every day, not pushing for live weight gain.

It is also possible to keep a flock for years without so much lambing, therefore putting less stress on the ewes and the land.


Caithness yarns ..

Free range pork

Free range pork : fresh in today (31st March) : ALL SOLD – many thanks

Delighted to see our scrummy free range pork back from Mull today. All for sale, limited joints, lots of sausages, bacon back next week.
Fill your freezers .. <g>

Contact for collection /local delivery arrangements. Please share with friends and family.

These 2 were locally born and raised with us all winter helping to clear different areas of ground around the farm. Happy, healthy lovely girls made wonderful meat.
● Joints       ○ Sausages
● Chops      ○ Bacon
● Steaks      ● Ribs

Free range pork : April 2020

We will have scrumptious Free Range Pork – ALL SOLD .. thank you
Fresh IN TODAY – 31st March 2020 …WOW … a week later and we just have some sausages and a little bacon left .. THANK YOU SOO MUCH EVERYONE ..
Locally born weaners raised with us on free range with a deep straw bed and lots of cuddles until their short last journey to the lovely people at Mull Slaughterhouse.

● Joints
● Chops
● Steaks
○ Sausages
○ Bacon
● Ribs


POSTPONED due to Corona virus pandemic: We are delighted to welcome several of our Alexander technique teachers here in Benderloch in 2020

Please contact us to book your lesson or to ask any questions . Feel free to get in touch about future teacher visits

alexander technique teachers visits 2020 poster

Creating a Living Larder : Food, Fibre & Fuel from a few acres in North Argyll