Alexander Technique lessons for 2019

Alexander Technique visits in 2019 (& Tellington TTouch Training) Benderloch

Erica and Judy are planning to visit us at Kintaline Farm, Benderloch on
May 31 to June 4 : July 12 – 16 : August 16 – 20 : and around Oct 11 – 15
We are soo fortunate to have the experience of different teachers, exploring the same basic technique from their unique perspectives.
Please let me know what lessons you would like to book .. places are limited for each visit.
If you are unable to come to any of our teachers this year, please also let me know you have received this email and to confirm you wish to remain on our list, (or not 🙂 it really helps to know – Thank you.
Erica Donnison has been a very popular teacher visiting us over the last 8 years and brings her unique skills in Alexander Technique, Tellington TTouch Training, Pose Running, and MBTI, to Argyll. Her enthusiasm, energy, and ever developing skills have inspired many of us. Can you benefit from her help in 2019? Erica works with both individuals and groups in all aspects of her work.
Pose running combined with the Alexander Technique helps runners re-find the way they used to run as children – free and fast!
Erica is particularly experienced in helping horse riders find a deeper seat and softer hands, and helps them work safely and calmly with their horses on the ground.
Her website is where you can learn more of her skills and experience.

About Judy Palmer, our new teacher last year.
After a career in nature conservation Judy has recently qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher, training at the Fellside Alexander School, Kendal. She received her own first lessons about 25 years ago, has had a long involvement with the technique and started teacher training in earnest from 2014. For herself, she has found particular benefits for frozen shoulder, computer use, gardening, cycling, horse riding, public presentations, and general living.

please feel free to ask any questions : Please contact Jill to Book your lessons :
email or call 01631 720223 to book
Please pass this information on to any one
you think might be interested in lessons.
(it would be wonderful if you can forward it to your mailing list if you have a relevant one to share the love)
and we have posters for local community boards etc if you can help put one up please

Alexander Technique is such a powerful technique, yet so gentle. Over the last 10 years we and others in the local area have found benefits for

    • stress
    • back pain
    • fibromyalgia
    • ME
    • hypertension
    • musical performance
    • teaching performance
    • physical occupations
    • theatre performance
    • sports performance – especially running & riding
    • arthritis
    • post operative recovery
    • effective use

Tellington TTouch Training for Horses is a training method which focuses on the link between posture and emotion to help horses cope better with situations that concern them. TTouch Training is also useful to help horses recover from injury or to cope with periods of box rest. Attending a TTouch Training session with Erica Donnison will help you to
Notice your horse’s posture and understand what it means
Improve your horse’s balance, coordination and flexibility
Help your horse be more relaxed and focussed on his/her work
Increase your horse’s confidence in difficult situations by helping him/her to act rather than react
Improve the working relationship between you and your horse

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® was developed to help us understand more about how we function and interact with others. It demonstrates how we take in information and make decisions to show how differences between people in these areas can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. Focusing on the positive in everyone, it helps us realise that people we find difficult to get on with are simply operating slightly differently. This new understanding helps us to interact with people with deeper understanding, making relationships easier. One of the most useful aspects is the concept of introversion and extraversion being about where people get their energy from rather than the more common usage of the words as shy or out-going respectively.

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Balm of Gilead tree

Balsam of Gilead / Balsam Poplar (Populus balsamifera)) slips will also be available in the late winter..  please get in touch to order. 
This is a wonderful fast growing, really leafy tree.
The scent as the buds break mean you really need to have this somewhere you walk by, but also the leaves are gorgeous as they waft in the wind from a distance.
It propagates from suckers, and is wonderfully prolific for tree hay, mulching, chipping, light firewood etc.
Crop from Balsam Poplar 
– leaves and branches for tree hay 
– pollinator / bee tree
– poles 
– light firewood
– make more plants 
– breaking buds for infusion 
– highly aromatic 

It is also renowned for healing properties, especially in the buds, which are harvested just before they open up. 

The buds as they begin to break are reputedly highly potent when infused in oil and made into an ointment. They are wonderfully aromatic, and as they break the bees are highly attracted. 

Balm of Gilead Ointment is known for being:

  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Astringent
  • Helps detoxify
  • Helps heal coughs

Trees / Fruit / Herbs – local orders

If you are interested in getting some young trees, fruit or herbs taking advantage of much lower than retail prices please get in touch. We are putting in an order to several of our wholesale companies for our own planting and growing, and would be happy to combine orders for all our benefits. Prices will depend on numbers, but will be a lot less than retail.
We are not starting up the plant centre again, these will not be potted on, will need to be collected as they arrived, but we are happy to share the benefit of working together, combining our getting discounts from buying in numbers.
Trees from root-trainers : subject to availability when order placed – Prices will vary but most will be less than £2 per sapling. 

American Red Oak
Bay Willow
Bird Cherry
Black Walnut
Common Alder
Common Crab Apple
Common Osier
Creeping Willow
Dark leaved willow
Downy Willow
Dwarf birch
English Oak (native)
English Oak (selected)
Evergreen Oak
Goat Willow
Green Alder
Grey Alder
Horse Chestnut
Italian Alder
Red Alder
Sessile Oak (selected)
Sessile Oak (native)
White Willow
Wild Cherry
Wild Pear
Wild Service Tree
Atlas Cedar
Blue Spruce
Caucasian Fir
Common Juniper
European Larch
Fraser Fir
Hybrid Larch
Japanese Cedar
Lawson Cypress
Lodgepole Pine (ALP Qual)
Macedonian Pine
N. Spruce (Xmas Tree)
Noble Fir
Norway Spruce
Pacific Silver Fir
Serbian Spruce
Silver Fir
Western Hemlock
Berberis darwinii
Berberis gagnepainii
Cherry Plum
Common Broom
Common Heather
Cotoneaster franchettii
Cotoneaster lacteus
Oregon Grape
Purging Buckthorn
Sea Buckthorn
Snowy Mespilus
Wild Privet
Wintergreen Barberry

POSTPONED – free Remin rockdust talk in Benderloch :

remin scotland rockdust mineral soil conditioner
The Secrets of REMIN volcanic rock dust – Jennifer Brodie

Many thanks for your interest in the Rockdust talk, unfortunately we are having to postpone this to later in the year. 
Our apologies, and we look forward to welcoming Jennifer to Benderloch in the future.

Scotland’s ancient volcanic rock, 360 millions year old ancient, can it really benefit our soils, our plants, our environment, our health and our climate?   Come along and hear how many of these secrets Jennifer has managed to uncover both by using it herself and marketing and selling it around the world.   As well as giving the background and sharing many of the results she has witnessed, Jennifer will provide a good run down on how to make the best use of REMIN volcanic rock dust during 2019 and beyond

Victory Hall, Benderloch :  7 pm
Jennifer is taking a diversion on her way home to give us this talk. 
THIS TALK IS FREE, and open to all.
Please fill in the form below to book your place (or email / phone 01631 720223) so we know numbers, thank you. 

This is a free talk, open to all, we just need to know approximate numbers, thank you.
We will only hold your information to be able to notify you of future talks / workshops on permaculture, soils, crafting, crofting. We will never pass anything to others.

Workshops and courses at Kintaline 2019

What courses, workshops and talks would you like to learn at Kintaline in 2019?
We are working on organising the following topics included in the form below .. if you have any other ideas, please shout, if we cannot host them we might well be able to find someone who can and pass on the suggestions to them.

If you would like to arrange a walk around the farm to learn how we have got here, what we are doing and why, please just ask. 

please get in touch to be added to our mailing list 

We will give you advanced notice of the workshops, courses and talks organised in 2019
Please indicate which of these courses, talks, workshops you are interested in. This is not a formal booking but will allow us to understand which people are most interested in. We can then get in touch when events have been organised for you.


Reuseable Beeswax Food wraps

Loving these new Zero-Waste Beeswax Food Wraps, such fun to make, and great way to reduce our plastic use.
Unique designs using recycled fabrics, so some designs will be one offs, and limited supplies of each.
Looking forward to adding new designs as I explore different sources.
If you have 100% cotton fabric that complements your kitchen colours that you would like to be made into wraps, or buy any of these sets, please get in touch.

2 Beeswax wraps in 100% cotton, beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil. 24.5x27cm and 30x26cm each one lovingly hand made from recycled fabrics.

Zero waste alternative to cling wrap, a clean way to Wrap food; make pouches; cover dishes
Unique designs using Recycled fabrics
100% cotton, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree oil
Hand Made In Benderloch
LOVE YOUR WRAP : Ecofriendly food storage solution

2 Beeswax wraps in 100% cotton, beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil. 25.5x20cm and 25.5x27cm each one lovingly hand made from recycled fabrics.

The warmth of your hand will mould it to shape,
And the cold of the fridge makes it more solid
Perfect for snacks, lunches, bowls, covering food
Wash with cold water
Not suitable for machine washing or microwave
Not for use with raw meat.
Lasts for months then fully compostable : Large cloth that you can cut into the sizes you need
Any beeswax aroma and residue will dissipate with use.
Refresh by warming in a oven on a metal tray for a few minutes

2 Beeswax wraps in 100% cotton, beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil. 24x29cm and 25.5x27cm each one lovingly hand made from recycled fabrics.

Cutting your wrap into the sections you need, to cover bowls, mugs, wrap cheese, fruit, make a pocket
Cutting your wrap into the sections you need, to cover bowls, mugs, wrap cheese, fruit, make a pocket
Cutting your wrap into the sections you need, to cover bowls, mugs, wrap cheese, fruit, make a pocket
Cutting your wrap into the sections you need, to cover bowls, mugs, wrap cheese, fruit, make a pocket
Cutting your wrap into the sections you need, to cover bowls, mugs, wrap cheese, fruit, make a pocket
Cutting your wrap into the sections you need, to cover bowls, mugs, wrap cheese, fruit, make a pocket