Supporting Kintaline Farm

Everything we do goes to support our very precious piece of land here on the West Coast of Scotland. You can read about what we are doing in our regular updates. 

Ill-health and family commitments have curtailed some of our activities in recent years, but our commitment to our customers is undiminished. 

Farm grown food : Free range eggs from our Black Rock hens, and in season, from our Muscovy Ducks available from the farm every day. We have packs of mutton and hogget mince, diced, chops, joints, sausages, burgers in the freezer, all from our pasture raised Jacob sheep. Both of these are also available from the Oban Food Hub.

Feed store : Poultry, Pet, Horse, Wild bird and farm livestock feeds and bedding for sale daily direct from the farm. Open from 10 am daily.

Farm Gate Sales : free range eggs, meat from our sheep, rockdust to feed your soils

Poultry : Black Rock hens, quail, turkeys – we raise small numbers of birds in full free range conditions to feed ourselves, and with a surplus to sell. 

Henhouses : we have been selling these henhouses for over 2 decades, because they are the BEST . They are well built in the UK, to order. They are designed with the birds to the fore, attractive and great value. We are still using houses here that we bought 20 years ago !! 

Workshops, courses and talks : we all have so much to learn, and doing so together, with inspiring leaders is such a joy. We look forward to meeting you. 

Domain Names for sale .. finally selling the extra domain names I used for marketing all the breeds of poultry.