This is a brilliant product for getting you warm good and fast. Perfect for those early chilly days when you have got wet outside and need a quick warm up. Guesthouses love them for make a bright warming fire for guests arrival. And in the summer, the cleanest route to warmth, food and fun.

And its soo environmentally friendly as its made from the waste products from making the Bedmax (the best bedding for poultry we think, which, in turn, becomes a great activator for the compost). Bedmax is dust extracted, so they have compressed the dust into tubes, and these becomes little brickettes for the fire. Great recycling.

Hotmax burns hot and fast – it is not suitable for keeping the fire in, but it is the BEST at getting it lit. And very little ash at all.

In the summer, Hotmax is great at keeping you warm as the twilight comes in, perfect for firepits, and hot enough for Barbeques, odourless too so does not taint your delicious food. A clean burn means you do not have to keep moving to avoid the smoke!! And a good fire helps to keep the midges away !! very useful in the Highlands. The “logs” are clean and easy to transport; by breaking up one into small pieces you have a very effective firelighter, and then a good hot clean burn – perfect for camping.

For Rayburns etc, we have also found it remarkably effective at raising the temperature from idle to cooking in short shrift.

you can find out more here about this remarkable product here :- For extra sustainability, the company is committed to planting trees to replace those they use.

Currently we can only get the 20kg bags.