Oxford Chicken house for taller breeds

2022 – As the Coronavirus situation continues, the manufacturing of henhouses is happening with all the precautions, and as supplies of materials allow. There will be a longer lead time, but these are great houses that will last you very many years, so worth the wait and you are supporting TWO British family businesses too – please get in touch – we will all help you as best we can
Poultry Houses : The Oxford : a small house for bigger chickens

The Oxford design evolved from the demand for a house and run for 4-6 of the largest breeds of chickens.
We have a dedicated small house for tall waterfowl called the Isis

The Oxford house is particularly suitable for 4 – 6 of the large breeds like Orpingtons and ideal for people who want to free range their poultry.
Price £350.00 (RRP £379)   Carriage £46.00 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
Contact us to place your order or to ask more questions, we are happy to help. – enquiry form at bottom of page.
Breeds like Orpingtons; Brahmas; Cochins; Indian Runners all have special requirements.
They are taller and / or bigger than the average bird and this house is great for them.
Size: 36″ wide; 39″ High; 45″ deep

Onduline roof mounted on ‘Sterling Board’ and hinged for access.
It has a solid floor as standard.
Pop-hole access for livestock and roosting bars, and full fixed ventilation.
Optional Extras
Standard External Nest box [designed for small to medium breeds of chickens] : £72.00
15″ External Nest boxes [designed for large breeds of chickens] : £95.00
Carry Handles [easier to manhandle and move to clean grazing] £19.00
Tall free standing run 9′ by 3’9″ x 30″ high £ £250 (£ 35.00 carriage if ordered separately)

For a more mobile and larger run which is completely flexible to your needs and the topography of your garden to give the birds protected free ranging space have a look at our Run Panels here. If you live somewhere with plenty of grotty weather, avian predators, or just want your birds in a fixed run then take a look at our covered run .

Constructed with 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding on 38mm square framing. Dip treated in wood preserver that gives a mid brown finish.
The wire mesh used is 25mm square weldmesh, 16 gauge ( 1.60mm thick )
All fixings and hardware are zinc plated.
Automatic door openers work with each model.
All prices include VAT
Contact us to place an order or to ask more questions, we are happy to help.

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