Dartford – Layer / Grower house for small commercial flocks

2022 – As the Coronavirus situation continues, the manufacturing of henhouses is happening with all the precautions, and as supplies of materials allow. There will be a longer lead time, but these are great houses that will last you very many years, so worth the wait and you are supporting TWO British family businesses too – please get in touch – we will all help you as best we can
Poultry Houses : Dartford laying house, with options for ducks and for growers. Dartford 50 bird layer house
A simple, straightforward laying house : range up to 45 layers.
The Dartford 45 Layer
PRICE £1375.00 (RRP £1529)   Carriage £90.00 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
If you live in a wetter climate, or are housing larger breeds and species then you will house fewer birds. For organic compliance work on a stocking rate of 30 birds.
8ft x 6ft with perching and droppings trays sited above each set of nesting boxes.
The trays are removable and the perch racks hinge upwards to allow easy cleaning of the main floor.
Two pop holes are fitted on different aspects.
Supplied skid mounted with wheels offered as an option
Make your Dartford into a mobile house
4 wheels mounted on 2 axles.
Optional Extra Transport wheel set £175.00 

A bare version – without External Nest boxes, perches or dropping boards – is available
Dartford 30 Duck with an extra large pophole for geese, turkeys, peacocks etc available at no extra charge.
PRICE On Application

This is ideal for housing the larger species of birds or for raising table birds, very cost effectively.
For table birds and ducks, both of whom require more space and will be using the house much more than layer birds, use a stocking rate of up to 30 birds.

It is possible to build larger versions of these
The 12 ft by 8 ft layer unit is for up to 85 birds as roosting accommodation, or 60 for organic
Dartford 85 Layer
PRICE On Application

The 12 ft by 8ft bare version will take up to 50 ducks or table growers
Dartford 50 Duck
PRICE On Application
Constructed with 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding on 38mm square framing. Dip treated in wood preserver that gives a mid brown finish.
The wire mesh used is 25mm square weldmesh, 16 guage ( 1.60mm thick )
All fixings and hardware are zinc plated.
Automatic door openers work with each model.
All prices include VAT
Contact us to place an order or to ask more questions, we are happy to help.

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