Crofter – mobile field shelter

Poultry Houses : The Crofter – Field Shelter for poultry, waterfowl, goats, sheep
field shelter for goats; geese; sheep
These well made field shelters are constructed of tongue and groove cladding on a 48mm by 48mm framing.
The cladding is fixed to the inside to prevent dislodging by kicking, chewing or rubbing. The unit is mounted on a timber subframe with skids to allow easy moving by a 4 x 4 or tractor, or they can be dismantled for removal to another site.
The roof of the Crofter Junior is constructed with onduline corrugated sheets made from bitumen organic fibre, and the Crofter Standard is box profile.
As they are a temporary building planning permission should not be required, and they are easily assembled.
Ideal for use by sheep; goats; geese; table birds; broilers; turkeys; and growing birds
Crofter Junior ~
PRICE £880   Carriage £75.00
(delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
Stable Door £90.00
Size: 8′ x 6′ x 6′ max high
244cm wide x 183cm deep x 183cm high max.
Stable door to fit Crofter Junior Standard is 1 metre wide, but can be made any size to suit.

Crofter Standard
PRICE £1370.00   Carriage £99.00
(delivery surcharges may apply to some locations) 
Stable Door £120.00
Stable door to fit Crofter Standard Standard is 1 metre wide, but can be made any size to suit.
Size ~ 12′ x 8 ‘ x 7’ max high
366cm wide x 244cm deep x 215cm high max.

Constructed with 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding on 38mm square framing. Dip treated in wood preserver that gives a mid brown finish.
The wire mesh used is 25mm square weldmesh, 16 guage ( 1.60mm thick )
All fixings and hardware are zinc plated.
Automatic door openers work with each model.
All prices include VAT
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