Brentford house : chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys

2021- : We are all seeing the price increases across so many sectors and the cost of raw materials and manufacturing is certainly one of them. It is not possible to continue to absorb these increases and prices will rise again in December. PLEASE order before this unavoidable increase takes effect. As the Coronavirus situation continues, the manufacturing of henhouses is happening with all the precautions, and as supplies of materials allow. There will be a longer lead time, but these are great houses that will last you very many years, so worth the wait and you are supporting TWO British family businesses too – please get in touch – we will all help you as best we can
Poultry Houses : Brentford larger poultry house
picture of a Brentford poultry house Brentford Range of poultry houses
For the larger domestic flocks of ducks and chickens, geese or turkeys.
Available in two sizes; both with hinged entrance door and fixed corrugated roof; fixed ventilation, with a sliding cover,solid floor and sliding pop hole.
The plain unit is designed for those species who do not use External Nest boxes :ducks, geese, table growers, growing pullets, with the addition of the external External Nest boxes it is perfect for chickens and turkeys etc.
BRENTFORD 460 : PRICE £584.00 (RRP £610)   Carriage £66.00 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)
This house will accommodate up to 24 medium sized or 18 large birds – remember that for all houses stocking rates will vary for many reasons.
Size : 72 inches x 49 inches; height at front 57 inches max; height at rear 45 inches; nestbox with lid adds 15″ to the width
External Nest boxes for Bantam and Standard chickens : £65.00
External Nest boxes for Big Breed chicken 15″ deep : £77.00
External Nest boxes for Turkeys 18″ x 24″: £120.00
Free standing run
that abuts to the house, to contain birds, with 3 sections of lift up lid, dimensions : 274 x 122 x 53 cms high; (108″x 50″x 21″ high) : £175.00   carriage £38.00 if ordered separately.
Skids –
Floor is mounted on tanalised timber skids, Makes your Brentford mobile by towing : £30.00

Images showing a Brentford 660; the side of the same with the external nest box (the current models have the black composite plastic lid as shown bottom left; and, bottom right, the inside of a house showing birds access to the easy clean nestboxes and the perches which can be raised to any height your birds prefer.
larger hen house for smallholder flockbrentford 660 poultry house, ducks, chickens, geese, turkeysnestbox on hen houseinside the large poultry coop

The BRENTFORD 660 will accommodate up to 35 medium laying birds. Numbers would need to be adjusted for smaller or larger birds, or species.
This is an ideal unit for a small free range laying flock in a field; paddock or orchard, the optional skids mean you can pull it on to fresh grazing whenever necessary behind a small tractor or with the car. It is also a great goose and turkey house or for a larger flock of ducks, or growing birds.
Size : 6ft x 6ft x 5 ft high
PRICE £778.00
(RRP £825)   Carriage £72.00 (delivery surcharges may apply to some locations)

External Nest boxes for Bantam and Standard chickens, each have 5 sections : £89.00
External Nest boxes for Big Breed chicken 15″ deep : £113.00
External Nest boxes for Turkeys 18″ x 24″: £165.00
Free standing run for times when birds need to be contained; with 3 separate lid sections that lift up; Dimensions: 274 x 183 x 53 cms high (108″x 72″x 21″ high) : £289.00    carriage: £45.00 if ordered separately
Skids : £30.00

These houses are simplicity itself to use, we should know, we have had anything up to 20 in hard work here at Kintaline. They provide easy access for the birds and for you. Simple to clean out as there is a strong solid floor which just takes a shovel to remove the soiled bedding. There is nothing complicated inside to attract unwanted bugs, and the corrugated roof gives great ventilation as well as deterring red mite. The perches are set to one side of the door so there is ample space to hang a feeder, all food should be inside, and the perches can be easily moved up if wanted, or removed for ducks, geese and growers. .
It is possible to have the External Nest box and pophole on the opposite sides to that shown, if that suits your situation better.


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