Hen Houses : Practical housing for hens, ducks, quail, turkeys, geese

June 2020- As the Coronavirus situation develops, the manufacturing of henhouses is slowly returning with all the precautions, and as supplies of materials allow. If you can wait, would like to support us all, and would like to go on the build list so you are ahead of the deluge after the crisis has passed, please get in touch – we will all help you as best we can

The housing we sell is selected for its quality, practicality, and great design for the birds.
We have examples here on the farm we bought over 2 decades ago still in use.
All houses are built by hand in the UK, using FSC timber.
We hope you can find a design that suits your needs. Each sale helps us to support and regenerate Kintaline.
Keeping Chickens, Ducks and other poultry is the Perfect Family Activity all year around
Grow your own Food, Perfect Pets, and A Gift that lasts for years.

Click here to find the house that fits you best please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice you need.

These practical, affordable poultry and waterfowl houses and runs are primarily designed for the animals using them, whilst being attractive and very user friendly.
They are built to order in the UK, by an long established company, with decades of experience.
They are not the cheap poorly designed models imported from China, nor are they built by timber companies who have no experience of what birds need.
We offer a full range of models tailored to the various kinds of birds, (and other domestic livestock) and the variety of situations found in real life.
We know that one design cannot fit all, and that fashion is not good husbandry.
We offer FREE experienced advice available to find your perfect solution.
This is an important investment.
please contact us to PLACE YOUR ORDER and check on your choices.
ALL HOUSES DELIVERED THROUGHOUT THE U.K. from John O’Groats to Land’s End, and all points between, including covering the islands.
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To order :- We welcome the following Payment methods :- BACS, Cash (at the farm) and standard debit and credit cards – Please Contact Us and we will take your details. All our prices include VAT where applicable


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