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Wildlife : Old broody coops New wildlife homes

As we progressively clear up areas around the farm, the challenge is to find new uses for each and everything, rather than think “throw it away”.
These 20 year old broody coops are rather soft but not quite rotten. They are going to be hidden away in corners under trees and bushes around the farm, partially filled with litter etc, and hopefully hedgehogs and other creatures will find them comfortable.

First fit, Mark 1, Insect palace

insect palace mark one, pallets, tiles, homes for bugsFirst stage in the build creating homes for bugs, winter shelter, bird bath, insect feeding point.
A great way to use up pallets, old tiles, broken crocks, hollow stemmed weeds, straw, cones, rolled up feed bags, old roofing, left over pond liner.
Now to hope we get more than slugs and wasp nests !!