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Yuletide blessings to all

The shortest day is very nearly upon us, the weather is challenging, and everyone is caught up in the bustle of the celebrations.
Yesterday was such a dark morning, a soaking wet day but then the colours at the evening reminded us that the Light Will Return . and we have another full on adventure of a year to look forward to.

We would like to wish all a wonderful festive season, many thanks for your custom, your friendship, your inspiration, and your advice.
2018 was another of our busy years, getting a lot done as Jills recovery from Fibromyalgia strengthens a little more all the time, definitely benefiting from being outside more, even if some other parts of life then suffer. Its all a balancing act, and doing the best we can.
Exploring more of the permaculture / regenerative agriculture ideas has been exciting; benefitting the humans, livestock, fields and wildlife alike. 1200 trees planted “so far” is just one part of our growing Living Larders around this small piece of land. So many more ideas to increase habitat whilst improving the land for the sheep, poultry, pigs and ourselves to implement next year.
Spending time researching the local history we are reminded that we are simply custodians of the land, one of generations of families who have lived here since Neolithic times. Hopefully our small legacy in time will be positive.
Here is a wee album of photos from the year.

As usual we are here all over the festive season, but might pop out to visit friends etc. The feedstore remains open, and we have plenty of our delicious Jacob mutton and hogget, and the girls are getting back into the swing of laying eggs again. Check the box at the end of the road .. you might find some fudge in there for a special treat. 

In 2019 along with continuing to add habitat around the farm,  regenerating the land, raising our various poultry, lambing our Jacobs, we are planning a range of workshops : permaculture, herbal, craft, crofting .. please get in touch if you would like to be added to the advance notice mailing list. :  

Merry Christmas .. and a very Happy New Year to all 

Muscovies 2018

We have had another bumper Muscovy year. Our girls are wonderful mothers, we have to limit who gets to raise youngters. 
This year one lady came off the nest with 20 (yes TWENTY) babies, and she raised all successfully 
We have kept our Muscovies free range for years, the babies start in the byre for their safety, then out in protective custody, before ranging with the rest, with access to ponds, shut in at night.
We have a good selection for sale, will be keeping some, and processing a bunch to add to our freezer for eating over the coming year. 
Feeding ourselves is one of the most important aspects of raising our livestock, sales help us to support our small farm, paying towards all those essential costs. 
It looks like we not only have black and lavender youngsters but possibly 2 white ones too this year . will be keeping them to breed from next year. 

Living Larders : Kintaline Bugs

It is a wonderful experience to be constantly surrounded by busy insect workers whereever we are on the farm. And this will just improve all the time with the added habitats we are creating every day.
A pal has been visiting and encouraging me to take more pictures of our bugs .. so have just uploaded an album of some of our insect friends on to our Facebook page