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Living Larders : Kintaline Bugs

It is a wonderful experience to be constantly surrounded by busy insect workers whereever we are on the farm. And this will just improve all the time with the added habitats we are creating every day.
A pal has been visiting and encouraging me to take more pictures of our bugs .. so have just uploaded an album of some of our insect friends on to our Facebook page


Living Larders : Verdant Abundance

So much abundance all around us, and this is just the start of our journey. A wee snap this morning of a corner : Rowan, Elder, Gorse, Raspberry, Mint, Chives, Sycamore … so much largesse for wildlife and ourselves in one space.

Oban Food Assembly : May 31 : we are there

If you are immediately local you are very welcome to visit our farm 

  • at the farm gate is eggs, wild bird food, sweet treats and more 
  • at the farm we have lots of Jacob mutton in a wide variety of cuts

If you cannot get here, but can get to Oban on a Thursday afternoon  we are part of the new Oban Food Assembly : you sign in, browse and buy from all the great local producers : and then come into the Rockfield centre at 4 pm on Thursday .. 

Living Larders : WEEDS ! wanted – natives, perennials, bulbs, herbs

 ! WANTED !  .. “Weeds” 

For naturalising in newly planted copses

We planted over 1000 young trees this winter in different copses across our small farm (Kintaline) to increase habitat and want to underplant with perennials, bulbs, herbs, garden species and native to help encourage more wildlife. They can be vigorous as we have space and sheep to control the spread ! We have wet, dry, and in between conditions, sun, shade. So if you are “weeding” out ANYTHING please let get in touch Jill : 720223  Kintaline   (happy to pay or receive donations)


Oban Food Assembly opens 17th May

Oban Food Assembly

We are delighted to be part of the new Oban Food Assembly with produce from our small farm : free range eggs, Jacob Mutton .. and who knows what else ? 

This is a very exciting new project, thanks to all who have been working so hard behind the scenes to make it work. 

If you want to shop local – sign up to the Food Assembly, do your shopping online from all the producers … click, pay in one shopping cart, then come to Rockfield Centre, Oban, to collect your great local produce.


Jacob Sheep : venerable old ladies

Our Jacob sheep are very special to us, and spend a long long time with us. These ladies now have no teeth, and in their own paddock so can have a little special feed every day, and are doing extremely well. They have given us many twins and triplet lambs between them, and deserve their retirement. They are certainly not shy ! and their fleeces are still beautiful quality. 

Knepp Estate – rewilding & farming in the UK

The revolutionary project in rewilding a large area of farmland at Knepp Castle estate in the south of England is now 17 years old, and is showing remarkable results in wildlife regeneration as well as livestock productivity – check out this article in the Daily Mail to learn details.   and the Knepp website . 

This is a 3500 acre estate but with smaller areas of land we can emulate their results we hope, a bit more managed, and with lower aspirations maybe, but, as we increase our diversity of species and habitat on our small 24 acres, we look forward to new wildlife. And as the way we manage our livestock within this changes to improving even further the wonderful meat, eggs, and other produce from our holding to keep us sustainable and create a legacy for future generations. 

(new book coming out:  Wilding: The Return Of Nature To A British Farm by Isabella Tree, published by Picador on May 3)

Oban Food Assembly : producers and customers

An exciting conversation today with the organisers of the upcoming Oban Food Assembly as a producer ourselves (and our past experience running local community markets) 

Anyone who is serious about local food please sign up as potential customers to the Food Assembly. There are folk who are working hard to bring this about in Oban .. as a weekly food event. If you register, you can sign into the existing markets like Stirling, and get a feel for how it works.
And more importantly you will show those who are beetling in the background that there is support for their efforts.
The aim is to start in May
All the “shopping” will be online, and then you collect once a week in town.