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We no longer host working holidays or vet students sadly. My fibromyalgia means that I cannot give what is needed to give folks a good welcome and a full learning experience.
It is important that people who gave their time to help us, also got a lot back in the way of hospitality, and experience. This is mostly a wonderful symbiotic relationship, but it IS hard work for both sides. Hosts need hard work on the holding, and “teaching” all the time is inspiring but draining.

If anyone locally would like to join in here for the odd afternoon to get some fresh air, to understand more of what we are doing, and to make a positive difference to the Living Larders we are creating.. we have lots going on that would benefit from more man / woman power.

  • mulching saplings in our 7 copses 
  • weeding around saplings 
  • chipping prunings to mulch and to compost 
  • cropping and dropping in food forest areas 
  • mowing to create mulches 
  • fencing for new hedgerow and copses 
  • planting .. planting .. planting .. lots of perennials  and herbs to plant
  • taking cuttings through the season for more hedgerows and trees and food plants
  • dividing up established perennial to spread the love to new areas to increase the diversity, more pollinators and groundcover.